Celebrating the Earth

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd, every year since 1970. Earth Day was started as part of the Third Wave of Environmental Policy, as a response to pollution and other issues involving the environment. It continues to be a day to raise awareness of conservation and the fragility of our beautiful earth.

Here are five things to do this Earth Day, and good practices for every day:

  1. Head outside and go for a walk! Stroll around the block, up and down the street, take the dog, get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  2. Commit to bringing reusable bags with you when shopping, and use them! Avoiding any plastic is doing a favor for the environment.
  3. Shop local. Groceries, clothing, etc. Shopping locally reduces excess energy spent on transportation of goods, as well as decreases the use of cardboard boxes, which are environmentally taxing to produce. Supporting nearby businesses also boosts the local economy!
  4. Take a picnic outside. You have to eat anyway, might as well enjoy some time in nature!
  5. Go exploring! Find a new hike, go for a bike ride, look more closely at one of your favorite outdoor spots. Take some time to just be in nature.

“There is nothing sweeter, gentler or softer than water. But water has the power to move mountains”

-Claire Bertschinger

Bubbly Toes

Consider the jellyfish. They drift towards the sun, feasting on its rays, creating food from sunlight’s glowing energy. They float with the tides through the vast ocean, following the currents to new waters. They are the definition of simplicity. Slow down, look at life from the perspective of a jellyfish: follow the sunshine, go with the flow, and live simply.


“Move like a jellyfish rhythm don’t mean nothing you go with the flow you don’t stop”

– Jack Johnson