Sunrise, Obscured

I recently arrived home after a few days at the beach, in South Carolina, following the end of the semester. The last day I was there, I woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise. I love to get up and see the sunrise, especially in the summer. It is a beautiful and calming way to start the day, especially on the beach. I was out the door and walking across the street to the beach, about 10 minutes before the sun was set to rise. In my sleepy excitement, it was not until I walked down the sloping sand towards the pre-dawn sea that I realized how cloudy it was. The dim light of an early, cloudy morning turned the beach into a blue grayscale, and I realized that the extent of the clouds reached across the horizon, completely obscuring the view of the rising sun. I was bummed, to say the least. My planned perfect morning was disrupted by the weather. Surprise, one cannot rely on nature to follow plans…

Despite my disappointment in the cloud cover, I stayed on the beach until I was sure that the sun had risen, as the sun rises every day even if we can’t see it. Although out of view, the day broke and continued on, as it does every other day. The tides ebbed and flowed, waves crashed towards the beach, the day went on. Morning is my most favorite part of the day; I love that the day is just starting, and look forward to all that it holds. Despite the cloud cover, it was still morning, a start to a new day, and the sun was there, despite the clouds. So, go out and enjoy the morning, even if you can’t see the sun. If you’re more of a night person, stargaze until sleep washes over your eyes, spend the evening in the best way possible. Enjoy your favorite time of day, and make it a great one!

Bubbly Toes

Consider the jellyfish. They drift towards the sun, feasting on its rays, creating food from sunlight’s glowing energy. They float with the tides through the vast ocean, following the currents to new waters. They are the definition of simplicity. Slow down, look at life from the perspective of a jellyfish: follow the sunshine, go with the flow, and live simply.


“Move like a jellyfish rhythm don’t mean nothing you go with the flow you don’t stop”

– Jack Johnson