The Dreaded Use…

I had to. I accepted the use of a plastic bag. It was just a typical Sunday, and I was at the Walgreens Pharmacy, arms full of odds and ends that I had already unintentionally thrown all over the store. An extra few arms would’ve been convenient at this point, but instead, I opted for a more convenient option- a plastic bag. The easy way out, the stuff-carrying life-saver, the chains of polymers that will haunt the landscape for ever and ever. But, it made it possible for me to get to the car in a timely manner, with all of my recent purchases. Unfortunate, yes, but oh so convenient.

I’ve decided that a good New Years Resolution would be to set a limit for my plastic bag use. Not that I use an exorbitant amount of plastic bags, I have been using reusable bags for years, but I am human and occasionally forget them, or underestimate how much I will buy on a given afternoon at the grocery store.

However, we are just about halfway through 2019, and I can’t wait another 6 months to the new year to set this limit. I’d say that 10 single-use plastic bags (since they are still allowed and distributed in grocery stores here in Illinois) per year would be a reasonable limit. But since we’re already in mid-June, maybe I’ll reduce that number by a few 🙂

Setting goals like these are helpful to grow our awareness of daily habits, and how much we actually rely on some of these products that are so detrimental to the quality of our environment. Even if we miss our goal, it still offers awareness and insight into our actions, and how we can change them going forward. I encourage you to set small goals at first, then larger and more ambitious goals to change your lifestyle to favor the environment.

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