Go Green!

  Today, I was lucky enough to attend an event organized by Go Green Wilmette, a local organization that works to promote sustainability in our community situated next to Lake Michigan. I was expecting a few companies and organizations environmentally inclined to have a few pamphlets and explain the great work that they do from day to day. I was happily astonished to be greeted by multiple (very large) rooms filled with hundreds of people eager to show others what they do to protect our big blue marble, as well as ways that locals can get involved and make conscious lifestyle choices that will benefit and promote the health of the environment, both locally and on a larger scale.

Living so close to Lake Michigan has molded all of our lives to think about what’s best for our great lake, and how to keep its waters pristine and clean, as the health of the lake is vital to both our happiness and our wellbeing. A few organizations at the event were focused on how to protect the lake, while others focused on how our proximity to the nation’s third largest city gives us an opportunity to cause change. Some of the tables and conversations at the event focused on city planning, researching alternative ways to make the city of Chicago more “green”. Others demonstrated the proper way to recycle, the potential of solar panels, and how to make environmentally friendly cleaning supplies at home. These discussions are important, they get the gears turning, help everyone think about how they can make a difference.

Exhibitions like these bring people together to consider their personal impact on their community, in all aspects, and what they might be able to do to better their waterways, their beaches, their forest preserves. Actions we take here in the midwest have national and even global impacts; it’s a small world, go green!

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