Happy Halloween!

Halloween is scary, and so are the effects of a changing climate! Have a fun and safe halloween, and be conscious of some of the byproducts of the holiday, such as candy wrappers, glitter, and single-use decorations.

Which is scarierA. empty candy bowl or B. all the plastic candy wrappers ending up as litter? 

-As disappointing as it is to come upon a house without any candy to offer, think about all the plastic wrappers, from the candy that was taken, ending up in nature! It is predicted that within the next few decades, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Don’t contribute to that statistic!

Which is worse: A. snow or B. rain while trick or treating?

-The changing climate is having impacts on natural weather events, as well as timing of the change of seasons. It may snow earlier than usual, or rain harder. Make sure to pack an umbrella (and gloves!) while walking around your neighborhood!

Which is freakier: A. Someone dressed up as a melting iceberg or B. the polar ice caps actually melting?

-An iceberg might be a bit of a bulky costume to wear for halloween, but the melting ice caps are no laughing matter. Recent research shows that once the ice starts melting, it is harder to re-form, due in part to the increasing air temperature.

Which would make you jump: A. a creepy crawly spider crawling up your leg or B. the extinction of bugs and insects? 

-Spiders are creepy!! But spiders, along with hundreds of other species of bugs and insects, are vital to the health of our ecosystems.

Question: are ghosts as real as climate change? 

-I’m not sure how you feel about ghosts, but climate change is definitely real, and just as scary as (if not scarier than) ghosts!

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