Weekend of Adventure

I had the most active weekend, and it was amazing. It is so easy here to get outside and just DO! With a day trip to Konstanz, Germany on Saturday and a bike trip to France on Sunday, it was a weekend packed with adventure and sunshine.

Slightly limited by proximity of Freiburg to “cool” and quick places to explore, we kept our Saturday day trip relatively local. Lake Konstanz was a two-hour bus ride away, taking us to a gorgeous lake on the border of Germany and Switzerland. The bus stop is in the middle of town with not much to see, other than the quaint and historic town, one of the few in Germany that completely survived WWII. As great as the city was in the hazy morning, we were looking for water. We eventually found the harbor, and then walked an hour to the beach. With views of Switzerland and a lake full of sailboats, the day was perfect. We filled the hours swimming in the clear turquoise water, playing beach volleyball, watching the sailboats, and exploring the city.


The following day, we rode bikes to France! With no particular route in mind, we actually ended up biking in a circle around Freiburg before getting back on track to head to France. We rode due north, and then due west, riding past the Dreisam River, through several orchards and vineyards, around a mountain, and weaving through various small towns. We arrived in Breisach am Rhein around lunchtime, a perfect spot for an outdoor lunch and ice cream! We then rode over the Rhein River and into France, and sat by the Rhin (the French spelling of the river), watching swans and looking out at Germany. After riding through some small French towns, we turned back and followed actual signs back to Freiburg. The view riding back was just as amazing at the idea of going to biking to  France… The mountains radiated blue in the distance, and the crisp smell of fall filled the air. We ended up at the top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards, with a view of Freiburg. It was an exhausting trip, we biked more than 50 kilometers, but it was so worth it and it was an excellent adventure!



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