Sustainable Innovation and Progress

I love looking at business and economics from the viewpoint of sustainability. Oftentimes, we keep different disciplines separate, keeping business with business, isolating medicine and science, not daring to explore the combination of differing topics. However, everything is interdependent, and we need to start thinking across various subjects in order to be successful and innovative. Two of my favorite topics to combine are economics and the environment. Business is a driving force in the world, having a great impact on a day to day basis. If businesses, especially those that are well known, start to shift and make changes, others will potentially follow. This would raise awareness of environmental issues and their relevance, and spark thought and discussion, ultimately creating more solutions to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

According to this article, “the world will invest $90 trillion in new infrastructure” over the next decade (Adele Peters, Fast Company). What if a good portion of this funding goes towards research and development of successful business strategies, with the environment in mind? What if the business world and the science world collided, worked together, and sustainable innovation bloomed? The article discusses the potential of reward, if the money is invested conscientiously, in terms of business revenue and environmentally friendly technology. If each sector of business (food industry, natural energy, production, etc.) put some time and energy into sustainable actions, we would all be quite a bit better off. If businesses and corporations think outside the box, step outdoors, and invest some money with an environmental conscience, the economy and the earth would reap the benefits.

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