Swimming in the Rain

We heard the rain before we saw it. We saw it before we felt it. The droplets flew across the trees as they made their way toward us, like a rogue wave crashing up onto a beach. The raindrops jumped across the water of Lake Megunticook, pouring into its surface until all of a sudden, we were in the middle of a torrential downpour. We had been swimming just 5 minutes before, hoping that the weather would hold off. When it became clear that the rainstorm was approaching, very quickly, all the cousins and I scurried out of the water and ran up (taking with us anything that does best when dry) to the cottage. We were watching from the porch, when one cousin after another made their way back down to the dock and jumped into the water. We were already wet, why not continue swimming, despite the rain?! There wasn’t any lightning, and rumor has it that water feels warmer when it’s raining. We swam around for a while, then made our way across the lake to the beloved “jumping rock”. Due to the rain, the lake had completely emptied of water-goers, leaving the rock waiting for those brave enough to jump off. 

As we swam across, the water was like nothing I had ever experienced. The sky and the water were joined by the raindrops that bounced off the surface before joining into the vastness of the lake. When I ducked my head underwater, I could hear the rain falling into the lake. It was amazing and spectacular. Who says rainy days can’t be fun?! 

Of course, the lake is just one part of my love for Maine. Many people don’t even realize that Maine even has lakes. The main attraction is the ocean- quintessential Maine on the coast. The water is crisp and clear, and mid-Coastal Maine is beautifully rocky. While I love the lake, the Atlantic Ocean is one of the coasts that connects my life, and I could spend hours gazing out at the sea. The hikes are amazing, as are the views of both lake and sea from the tops of the cliffs. I love everything about Maine, and it is ultimately the water that keeps me coming back. 

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