Plastic Free July

It’s my favorite month of the year! Summer, 4th of July, my birthday, warm water for swimming, July has it all. I recently learned about a campaign called Plastic Free July, which encourages people to “choose to refuse” single-use plastic. Started several years ago in Australia, Plastic Free July promotes awareness of how much plastic we use as individuals, and how that plastic accumulates and finds its way into our waterways. In a perfect world, we would avoid single-use plastics altogether. Even if you cannot cut out plastic completely (it is hard to do!) be aware of your plastic consumption this month, so that the small changes become habits. Reduce the amount of plastic you use day-to-day, and if everyone tries a little bit, it adds up to make a great difference. So kick off this July with alternatives to plastic in mind!

4 Ways to Avoid Plastic:

  1. Bring reusable shopping bags to the store
  2. Take a reusable water bottle with you everywhere
  3. Buy plastic or glass containers to store leftover food, or to pack a snack, rather than plastic baggies
  4. Consider purchasing durable plastic or stainless steel straw

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