Knot, Knot, Not and Naut

Knot– Rope patterns that sailors use to tie up their boat (and other things!). There are many forms of knots, including (but not limited to) bowline, figure eight, half hitch, clove hitch, square knot….

Knot– Used as a measure of windspeed out on the open water, traveling at one Knot is equal to one nautical mile per hour

Not– knots use nautical miles and are not the same as miles on land (also not the same as kilometers).

One nautical mile= 1.85 kilometers = 1.15 miles

Nautical mile– based on the circumference of the earth, based on the perfectly circular nature of the earth at the equator. It is defined as “one minute of latitude” if one were to cut the earth at the equator and divide it up based on degrees and minutes. Nautical miles are used on land and over sea, and used especially when sailing.

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