Film Review: Fishpeople

Fishpeople had been on my (long) list of movies to watch for months before I actually saw it. A quick 48 minutes, this film is packed with the dynamic beauty of the ocean, and interesting water people who interact with the sea in various meaningful ways. For some, the ocean is a source of food. For many, it is therapeutic, the calm of waves washing over them the same way they wash over the beach. Others consider it a play space, surfing their days away. These are not mutually exclusive, many fishpeople consider the ocean to envelop all of these things, plus more.

This documentary examines the lifestyle of six individuals and how the ocean has shaped their life. It embodies the communities that exist within and around the ocean, and how everyone has a unique experience with the sea. The cinematography is beautiful, and the description of each person is concise yet fully relates their story. From Australia to the West Coast, this documentary covers the stories of Dave Rastovich, Kimi Werner, Ray Collins, Lynne Cox, Matahi Drollet and Eddie Donnellan and their sea-related ways of life.

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